Our Story

Our Story

Named after our teenage daughters, Logan OLIvia and Landry MEG, Oli + Meg was born from a love for our hometown of Bentonville and a passion for giving local artisans a place to highlight their work. From the very beginning, while my husband worked in the Wal-Mart vendor world, I stayed home with our girls until Landry and Logan were fully immersed in the Bentonville public school system. During that time, I founded and grew my custom painting business, eventually selling hundreds of artworks to those in town and across the states. As my art business flourished and I had the privilege of spending an amazing 3 years as an educator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, all of these avenues paved the way for what turned into the purchase and development of Oli + Meg, my pride and joy(second to my daughters). Located in the heart of Bentonville, Oli + Meg is a place to buy gifts for friends, teachers, family, or a fun surprise for yourself while supporting our thriving town and those that contribute to it. 

Candles, Cans & Coupons.

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